Manto-Vivo (2022)

Going through the complexity of the planetary climate change, Manto-Vivo arises from the desire to return nature to nature. As the art system is also accomplice of human-nature fragmentation, what poetic materialities would make inroads for a revised perspective in the Antropo-scene?

Manto-Vivo is a living manifestation of my project research that travels inside a drop of water studying the microcosms of the ancestral of plants, inventing a Manifesto-Phytoplankton as an attempt to sensitize our look to Gaia through ideas as fluency, circularity and multidiversity. These three green principles are the foundation of Manto-Vivo: a porous skin made from the artisanal collection of seeds and dispersed decomposing materials from plants, animals, fungi or other nutritious organisms. After his ephemeral passage through the world, -as ours is-, it will be carried by a human being, as a metaphor for what the humans can carry on their shoulders. After a free and concentrated dancing gesture on the terrain, it will be planted on a soil devoid of nutrients, a badland, opening gaps for nutritive rot and germination of seeds, as a gesture of confidence in the autopoiesis of nature. The intervened and planted skin will be watered for the necessary time for the seeds germinate and grow, birthing an experimental garden made of fluidity, circularity and biodiversity, the same principles that make nature, nature.

Drawing-process of the mantle. Ink on paper, 30x42cm

The mantle is in process. Current prototype is aprox 150cm size. Frame is build by bamboo to make the work easier.

Some recollected materials.

Deserted land. Deserted mantle. An archeology of the future?
Soil of the Bad-Land of the Tabernas's desert, Almeria. 2022