Sur-Sudeste. Impressions of an extraterrestrial entity on Earth. 2020

Perhaps, a way of understanding what human beings are and their relationship with this planet is ceasing to be human.


Under an experimental exercise of erasing my own prejudices ideas of what art, nature and humans are in the Anthropocene era, Sur Sudeste describes the interpretations and expressions of an immaterial celestial entity that, coming from out of this planet, travels to the Southeast of the Earth crust, taking my body to see, smell, touch, feel and leave its halo, wherever it is present.

Without prejudices, culture and indoctrinated aesthetic sense
, the extraterrestrial entity naturally begins to describe what observes and feels. Not to leave a trace, but to understand where it is and how are the beings around. It perceives its surroundings for the first time. Dismissing the meaning of things, it admires them, and simply focus on what arouses its curiosity, like textures, colors, lights, shadows, energies, smells, sounds and whatever sensation, like an impressionist painter facing variations of light and color, or like a child abstractly scribbling. There is no passage of time, it is always the present moment and the best place is where it is.

Here I do a first approach to my growing concern of how can we artists use media and materials as less residual as possible. This is an experimental exercise of ego detachment and empathy with all beings in this planet. If the entity will continue its travels on Earth, I don't know. If it has any message or conclusion, I hope not. Answers are not my aim in this project, but other interpretations formulated from a non-human point of view.

About 200 drawings 10x15cms size. Different tecniques and pigments on paper and plant leafs.