Claridade. New York

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What is the meaning of vision now, when image has nearly no limits? What is the image now, when the sense of sight intersects lines between perceived reality and reliable experience?

The concise nature of image give us immediate and easy information, but can also turns it into its own Damnatae Memorae when it undergoes to an excess of information or, in others words, Duplication of language creates a situation of non-signification(1).

Overinformation is as far away from truth as disinformation. Both poles may lead to a lack of knowledge and even reduce our capacity of filtering images. Maybe in this way, we are more like bulimic consumers of passive images than active people choosing what to see, in part because our emotional relation with images is fading.

(1) Repesentación y repetición en Michel Foucault, Víctor Bravo, Universidad de los Andes, Maestría en Literatura Iberoamericana, Venezuela, 2000, pag. 17


New York City, 2009

After these thought-provoking ideas, my purpose is to live in a very visual city and reflect on the influence of images in society and its function in constant change.

Methodologically, I use performance side by side with photography. For this, I invite collaborators to perform normal circunstances of their lifes, acting with me as a photographer, both without seeing, covering our eyes with a black piece of fabric. People and places are chosen to embody the human capacity to evolve in a limited, intimate and vulnerable situation in a public and frequently gregarious place.

The project aims to contrast the social, anthropological and emotional tensions between us in society, as well as to wonder about aesthetics rules in photography missing the most judgmental of the senses.