With the collaboration and support of: Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya

O coração sob a terra
Sound, underground and infravisual installation

I already heard it but hardly listened. It happened during the third night.
The walls of the house absorbed the echoes of their beats, as if low pitched
sounds were the only ones able to cross lands, foundations and walls.
Now, again, tum tum, tum tum ...
A huge heart beating seemed to be buried under the weight of land emitting vibrations,
"a movement signal passing through matter, changing it and engraving on it, briefly, his drawing".*

*O Som e o sentido. Uma outra história das músicas, Wisnik, José Miguel, Companhia das Letras, São Paulo, 1989

The idea of a huge underground heart is drawn from the rhythm and music perceived in Bahia. Therefore, the work is projected as an instinctive experience embodied in an undersound installation based on sub-woofer speakers under the ground. Although it is mainly a sound installation, the visual issue is very important for the spectator, since he is in front of a work that just partly see. The vibration reaches the body but not explicitly the eyes. This fact, the almost invisible meaning of the work, returns it to a form. "To create is, basically, to form".*

* Criatividade e processos de criação, Ostrower, Fayga, Editora Vozes, Petrópolis, RJ, 1977

Technical rehearsals to very smale scale